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Facts About Trugberg. Trugberg stands at the Bernese Oberland area at 3933m above sea level. It got its name from a mistake that a glacier researcher, Agazziz, committed. He mistook this mountain for the Jungfrau. Upon realizing said mistake, he named the mountain in 1841 as Trugberg. It's one of the few mountains below the 4000m height found in this area apart from Eiger. How to get to the peak of Trugberg? Starting point before reaching the peak is the Monchjoch hut. This is the same starting point or stopover before climbing Monch. This is just a short walk away from the Jungfraujoch using the Eiger Ultra Trail. Getting to Jungfraujoch starts at Kleine Scheidegg by train. So the sequence...

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