Grosses Wannenhorn

Facts About Grosses Wannenhorn.

Grosses Wannenhorn is a mountain found at the Swiss canton close to the village of Fiesch. Standing at 3906m above sea level. This is the mountain found in the Bernese Alps. It stood between the Fiescher Glacier in the east side and the Aletsch Glacier to the west side. It is an occasional inclusion in itineraries to hiking trips at the Valais, Switzeland. Particularly towards the peaks of Aletschhorn and Finsteraarhorn.

How to reach the peak of Grosses Wannenhorn?

If you are starting at Hotel Restaurant Schmitta Fiesch, use these directions. Walk 170m on Furkastrasses toward Bahnofstrasse heading north. Continue walking onto Fieschertalerstrasse by 450m. Turn slightly right on the Fieschertalestrasse by 2.2km. Turn left on Fieschertalerstrasse and walk by 10m. Turn right again on the Fierschertalerstrasse by 25m. Walk 1.1km more towards Zur Brucke. Turn right still on Zur Brucke by 600m. Then turn left still on the Zur Brucke by 230m. Turn sharply to your right to Marjelenweg. Reach the peak afterwards.

What to expect at the Grosses Wannenhorn?

Remember the sides on this mountain. Steep slopes make it hard to climb this peak. The east side has many glaciers. Not advisable to climb in summer. The west side has the prominent steep slope with several ice fields.