Gross Gruenhorn

Facts About Gross Gruenhorn.

Gross Gruenhorn is a mountain originally spelled as "Gross Grünhorn". Standing at 4044m above sea level. It is practically the heart of the Bernese Alps based on its location. Due to its location, its official spot is Valais, Switzerland. This is also due to its proximity to the Bernese Trilogy of Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger.

How to get to the peak of Gross Gruenhorn?

If coming from the Zurich Airport, drive to Interlaken. Catch a train at Interlaken. Hop off to the Jungfraujoch to start with the trail. Tread the path at the Konkordiaplatz. Turn to the east and walk past the Ewigschneefald. You then reach the steep stairs at the Grueneggenhorn. Pass this route to reach to the rocks by the plateau. You will see the huts. Stop by the Konkordia Hut to prepare. Walk from here to the summit.

What to expect at Gross Gruenhorn?

Careful in treading at the Konkordiaplatz part. It has a marsh at its center made of melted snow. Hikers traverse this path mostly on the sides. The climb to the Konkordia Hut consists of 399 steel steps. Be ready with your endurance levels. Don't mistake its peak part for the Arctic. Nothing green is found here much like in the Arctic. Only glaciers and ice rocks for the most part. This is best explained in its spot that separates the largest glaciers in the Bernese Alps. Namely the Fieschergletscher and the Aletschgletcher.