Grand Cornier

Facts About Grand Cornier.

Grand Cornier is a mountain located at Valais in Switzerland. This is found at the edge of 3 valleys. These are Zinal, Moiry and Herence. Standing at 3962m above sea level. This is a mountain often climbed alongside Dent Blanche. Some hikers climb this mountain from the northeast side based on what they have seen from other peaks reached like Weisshorn.

How to get to the peak of Grand Cornier?

If you have been reading the previous articles posted here at Marvel Mountain, you'd recognize the common starting point by car. It's in Zermatt. You enter Route de Ferpecle via A9. Then turn to Breitmatten, Talstrasse and Kantonstrasse along Route 9. Then drive towards La Villette to Les Hauderes/Route de la Sage in Evolene. Renting a car here would be advisable since you need a place to park that car. The next phase involves walking to the bivouac. From the parking lot available close to Route de Ferpecle, walk 4m southeast. Continue by Route de Ferpecle itself by 230m. Once done, turn right to walk further by 1.1km. Then turn left to walk by 2.7 km. You see the Bivouac du Col de la Dent Blanche at this point. This is where you prepare for the uphill climb. Just walk west afterwards from the bivouac by 400m to reach the peak.

What to expect at the Grand Cornier?

The mountain has lost some snow significant enough to make it dangerous to tread on the northeast side. The northwest alternative is recommended by starting the trail at Pointe de Bricola towards the bivouac. Or you can take the shortcut from Pointe de Bricola to the peak itself.