Facts About Ailefroide.

Ailefroide is a mountain found at the Ecrins massif, High Dauphine Alps, France. Standing at 3954m above sea level. This is the third peak in the same massif where La Meije and Barres des Ecrins are found. Its other name is L'ailefroide. As one of the rather complicated peaks in the French Alps, walking is the best way to tread your way to the summit. Traversing options range from the snowy paths to the challenging rock and ice route. It consists of 3 faces. The northwest face above Coste Rouge Glacier, the north face above Glacier Noir and the south face just above the Ailefroide Glacier.

How to get to the peak of Ailefroide?

The easiest route is at the Ailefroide Orientale by the southwest ridge. Best climbed in summertime. One of the last stopovers before the peak is the Sele hut. To reach the Sele hut, start walking from the small chapel of the village right on the main street. Walk towards the junction north ward. Upon reaching the junction, turn left. You will reach the camping area adjacent to a car park. The car park is located close to a sign that says "Refuge du Sele, Refuge du Pelvoux and Claphouse". Climb the zig-zag route towards another junction. The road has loops so be careful. You go past the corner leading to the Refuge du Pelvoux. The route to the Sele hut is straight ahead though. You will see the hut itself on the right hand side of the valley. Stop here for the night for the early morning trek to the peak.

What to expect at Ailefroide?

If you originally booked a trip to climb Barres des Ecrins, this might show up as a suggestion. Alternatives to the Sele Hut (or Refuge du Sele as some pamphlets say) are the Pilatte hut and the Carrelet hut. The bivouac option is found at the Occidental Ailefroide.