The Wildstrubel 3,244 meters (10,643 ft.) is a mountain of the Alps, straddling the border between the Swiss cantons of Bern and Valais. It forms a sizeable glaciated massif, about 15 km wide, extending between the Gemmipass in the east and Rawilpass in the west, which connect the cantons Bern and Wallis of Switzerland. The Wildstrubel has a unique location providing magnificent views of the most famous mountains in the Swiss Alps, the appearance of Wildstrubel is less rugged and steep. So Wildstrubel is a mountain that is suitable for incipient alpinists to make the first experience with ice and snow of glaciers.

About Wildstrubel

The Wildstrubel is one of Switzerland’s highest peaks rising to over 3,250m and circumnavigating this magnificent mountain is an ancient trail which has now become the renowned Wildstrubel Trek. The scenery, landscapes, and culture also contrast with the Bernese Oberland - very much‚ High Mountain with alpine characteristics while the Valais is more gentle and warm with vineyards adorning the steep slopes as they fall away from the high peaks above. The mountain has three summits, these three summits are connected by a curved ridge of length about 3.5 km, which makes a convenient traverse. Usually, the summit region is reached across one of the numerous glaciers surrounding the mountain.
  • The western summit (the Lenkerstrubel, named Wildstrubel on Swiss maps) (3,244 or 3,243.5 m).
  • The central summit (named Mittelgipfel on Swiss maps) (3,243.5 m).
  • The eastern summit (the Adelbodnerstrubel or Grossstrubel) (3,242.6 m).
Still, ascending these glaciers on usual routes is relatively easy. The terrain is glaciated, making basic alpine knowledge necessary. However, it is not only the facility of climbing this mountain that attracts so many climbers. The Wildstrubel is located between Gemmipass in the east and Rawilpass in the west, giving it an idyllic location with great views of two impressive mountain ranges.

Accommodations near Wildstrubel

Wildstrubel lies about halfway between Lank BE; 9 km, Sierre and Adelboden BE; 10 km, its summit being in the district of Lenk and Leukerbad. Lank is the base for those who wish to see or climb the Wildstrubel. This mountain offers fantastic view stretching into the distance with the beautiful glacial scenery. The nearest settlement is the Oberried section of Lenk, at the head of the Simmental.

Hotels/ Campsites in Wildstrubel

Campingplatz Hasenweide Camping Hasenweide is located at the end of the valley, in the middle of nature. I stayed there myself a few times and the campsite is particularly suitable as a starting point for hikes. There is good public transport in the valley. Lenk is flocked with day tourists; the location is fantastic with a view around the mountains from every angle. You can spend the night in one of the many hotels in the village. However, there are several lodgings around with fantastic views of the Alps, delicious Valais specialties and no end of relaxation. So camping is not necessary for ascending Wildstrubel. But camping is possible in several camping sites in all the villages around. If you are looking for a hotel, these are worth considering: Hotel Oester-Mueller is located in Engstligenalp, 1954m in the north of Wildstrubel Center of winter-sports. In winter only to be reached by mountain railway from Station. Great location! At the station, you find the beginning of the footpath to Engstligenalp that can be used during summer-season, too. It is ideal for active snow sports enthusiasts. Beautiful location, rooms with breathtaking views, you feel comfortable in the cozy rooms, and you feel at home. Hotel Berghotel Wildstrubel enjoys a unique location at the Gemmi Pass, 1.2 miles from Leukerbad and right next to the Gemmi Pass Cable Car Station. It offers a spacious sun terrace; no wonder sun-seekers feel entirely at home here. And sports enthusiasts discover an ideal base to set-off from at this mountain hotel too. And offers a magnificent view onto the Valaisian and the Bernese Alps from every room. A bus station is 0.6 miles away. During their stay, guests can enjoy climbing at Daubenhorn Kletterstaig or Gemmiwand. Hotel Schwarenbach 2060m, lying at the ancient footpath from Kandersteg to Gemmipass above Leukerbad ("Gemmiweg"). From this gloriously located hotel, Schwarenbach welcomes you to a refined yet familiar atmosphere and in rich of tradition, expressing a touch of Art-Deco, invite you to enjoy tranquility and relaxation. Opened spring and summer. Enjoy comfort with excellent beds and mattresses. Hotel Wildstrubel 2314m nearby upper station of mountain railway from Leukerbad to Gemmipass. Feel comfortable in the amazing rooms that make you feel at home, rewarding with a superb view of two glaciers.

Mountain Huts near Wildstrubel

The way into the Wildstrubel offers a breathtaking first view of the three peaks of the Wildstrubel, for those who wish to have a bit of a mountaineering feel, there are several points of supports around the massif. The Lämmerenhütte hut in the east of Wildstrubel, 2507m is an excellently managed hut of SAC-section Angenstein accommodating climbers and hikers. The starting point for Lenker Strubel and Wildstrubel-traverse to Engstligenalp. Opened during the ski-touring season in spring and summer. Not only is it an excellent base for climbing Wildstrubel, but it provides a comfortable night of sleep for those who wish to hike. From the hut, you get splendid views of Wildstrubel. The Wildstrubel mountain hut is 2793 meters above sea level, though it bears the call of the mountain range, it isn't truly at the Wildstrubel, but between the Weisshorn and a mountain called the Rohrbachstein. Many hikers carry on for the next day, together with the Plaine Morte Glacier on their walk to the 3 peaks of the Wildstrubel. The terrace of the Wildstrubel hut is the precise putting to calm down with a coffee and feel the colorful night spectacle – the sunset. It looks like someone emptied pots of paint all around the sky. Intense reds and yellows shimmering over the sea. The night time sky is sprinkled with stars, a sight so beautiful which you almost so amazing.

Climbing the Wildstrubel

In the west of the Bernese Oberland, the Wildstrubel massif offers lovely panoramas culminating at more than 3000m. Your itinerary will be a grand traverse from the west to the east, during which you can climb many summits accessible on skis. If you no mountaineering experience, you will need a guide from Lenk.

Best Time to Climb

Best time for ascending Wildstrubel is summer from June to August. Besides Wildstrubel is a worth-while object for ski-touring. The Normal Route Wildstrubel is an excellent ski mountain with many different ascents and descents. Many variations are possible. The Ski Route East on Bern / Wallis (Valais) is one of the most accessible routes in the Alps. It can be reached from the south Valais using a cable car or from Leukerbad or Kandersteg - Schwarenbach. From Schwarenbach climb to the Daubensee, a mile long lake, full of ski tracks for cross-country skiers. From there a lift leads to the hotel. The usual route may be easy, but the views from the summit are very rewarding. If you arrive on Gemmipass, climb the nearby Daubenhorn 2942 m. Gemmi pass offers a beautiful view of the Alps of Valais. Route Description Wildstrubel area can be reached from Bern, the capital of Switzerland in the north, by motorway to Spiez and following the highway to Frutigen. From Frutigen either to Adelboden or Kandersteg. Lenk on the north side of the mountains can be reached from Spiez, too. In the south Leukerbad or Crans Montana are starting points in the Wallis, both reached from the bottom of Rhone valley. From Gemmi pass glide smoothly and fast to the east slope of the Wildstrubel. Now positioned the furs on your skis and climb up the couloir without delay leading straight to the Wildstrubel. Take the tracks from that hut which follows the left north side of the Wildstrubel glacier. At ca. 3000 m you can pick which of the 3 peaks you need to climb. Descent the identical way, but at 2500 m preserve left to the Laemmern hut. Enter the Laemmerental that leads as much as a saddle at 2900 m. This route is renowned under the name of Roter Totz. The descent follows the Ueschinen valley and ends near Kandersteg at 1200 m.

Hiking Routes near Wildstrubel

Wildstrubel is undoubtedly one of the best regions to go walking in Europe It offers many beautiful places to base yourself for a trekking holiday in Bernese Oberland, along with the pretty villages of Kandersteg, Adelboden, and Lenk. The scenery is not just out of this world, however it additionally offers access of entry to an extensive network of trails, both calm valley walks, and cable vehicle-accessed great routes. Exploring the mountain provides a host of glacial features which characterize this region, genuinely are a hiker’s dream. Kandersteg & Kandertal Valley A famous hiking paradise with an outstanding network of trails from high alpine to family-friendly and excellent transport links with a wide variety of accommodation options. It offers easy access to idyllic Lake Öschinen and the beautiful deep blue Lake. Gstaad-Saanenland Gstaad, at an altitude of 1,050m (3,445ft), is surrounded by beautiful scenery, high society and shopping in Gstaad, but also idyllic villages and 300km (186mi) of hiking trails in Saanenland. Discover the picture-perfect Lake Lauensee and the fairytale mountain village of Abländschen and even Whitewater rafting on the River Saane! Interlaken Bustling Interlaken is located between Lakes Thun and Brienz, the snow-capped peaks of the mighty Eiger, Mönch, and Interlaken offers access to a vast variety of hiking trails (500km / 311mi). Take advantage of the extensive rail, bus, boat, and cable-car network. The starting point of the world-famous Jungfrau Railway. Lenk-Simmental Some of the very excellent of Swiss alpine wonderland, the Simmen Valley offers an remarkable 600km of hiking trails, which are no doubt the key point of this location. Lenk at 1,068m / 3,504ft, has been awarded the ‘Swiss Families Welcome’ quality mark. The Wildstrubel chain (Mt. Wildstrubel 3,243m / 10,640ft) divides the Valais (Wallis) and the Bernese Oberland. Things to Do In the Wildstrubel Region With its numerous mountain transport facilities, growing number of wellness havens and family-friendly attitude, the idyllic chalet village at the foot of the Wildstrubel in summer and winter is among the most versatile holiday destinations in the Bernese Oberland. In addition to hiking, the Wildstrubel is the ideal place to enjoy other outdoor activities, including swimming, mountain biking, and cycling. Hike the icy natural landscape of Wildstrubel, while Leukerbad also has excellent tails during the spring and autumn seasons, hiking it during the winter months is also quite an experience. At this time, you will get to experience the snowy fairytale landscape of Switzerland. Mountain guides are available all throughout Leukerbad to guide you through the icy terrain. Also, you can take a thermal bath in the largest thermal spa resort in the Alps. Leukerbad as a whole is considered the largest thermal spa resort in the Alps, whether you’re coming here for therapeutic purposes or relaxing. You should, by all means, try the cable car or adventure sports at Torrent. Take the cable car which goes up to 2,313 meters (7,589 feet) above sea level. From there, you can catch a beautiful view. It’s also excellent for trekkers, skiers, and mountain bikers who want a little bit of a lift going up before they take the slide down.

Hiking with Kids near Wildstrubel

If you searching for a calm experience for hiking with children, then the southern and western region of the Bernese Oberland offer magnificent trekking experience. Spending your holiday in Wildstrubel with small children? There are some excellent round-trip hike suitable for those who wish to get some superb scenery. Bernese Oberland makes it ideal for families with children to enjoy the magnificent and breathtaking views on Wildstrubel. Wildstrubel is undoubtedly one of the best regions to go walking in Europe with the most incredible panoramic views and gorgeous mountain surrounded by impressive rock walls. Not only is the scenery out of this glob, however there are many trails to pick. A strolling holiday within the Bernese Oberland gives something fantastic and exciting to discover at each flip. The region is dominated with the aid of the astounding Jungfrau Mountains and the glowing lakes of Thun and Brienz. A captivating geological vicinity with amazing vegetation and fauna. The spring brings swathes of colour in alpine vegetation and butterflies; autumn is not any less colourful as the foliage changes, however in winter the landscape is beautifully carpeted in glistening snow.