About MarvelMountain

The story of Marvel Mountain 

When I was 4 years old, my father took me hiking in the Alps. I remember seeing mountains for the first time as a child coming from one of the flattest areas in the world; the Netherlands. That left an everlasting impression on me as a young boy and has stayed with me ever since. Now, 40 years later, my passion for the mountains has led me start designing t-shirts and sweaters with prints of some of the most magnificent peaks in the world.

My name is Rogier Chang and here is my story...

Every year since those early childhood years, my father has taken me hiking in the mountains. As the Netherlands is REALLY flat, we have to travel to primarily Switzerland and Austria to hike in the alps. We continue to do this every year, my father and I. Over the past four decades, we have covered a lot of the alps and visited numerous of the valleys, hiking from mountain hut to mountain hut.
Even though my father is now in his seventies, he is still as tough as ever. We still keep up a good pace ánd our tradition at least once a year. And when it has been too long since our last trip, I start missing the marvellous white peaks.

It has become a bit of an obsession for me; my kitchen is filled with photographs of mountains and I find myself wearing hiking boots and outdoor clothes more than fashionably is allowed. One day it struck me, that I could use my love for the mountains to design something that spoke to like-minded hikers, travellers, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. I could combine my experience from my day job as a professional photographer, and my eye for great pictures, to design amazing graphic t-shirts depicting my passion.

My unique designs include both real mountains, like the Grossglockner in Austria, and illustrated mountain theme designs. I believe that the passion I put into my mountain designs, can inspire others to discover these amazing mountains and may try hiking through a mountain region themselves. And they might speak to other hikers and mountain climbers, like my father and I. Whether my designs remind you of a specific experience of climbing or hiking on one of the mountains. Or you just enjoy the beauty of nature and want to carry it with you, like I do. I am continually designing and working with other designers to create interesting mountain themed designs on printed t-shirts and sweaters.

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Now I trying to get my own sons up the mountain. It's a bit harder than I expected :)