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Everybody mountain lover secretly wishes to climb the roof of the Earth. Thanks to the height of 8848 meters Everest is the most known summit worldwide, and one of the most popular to climb. Everest Summit 8 848 meters Located on the border between Nepal and China, the mountain has different names. Besides the world-known “Everest” in the western world, it is also known as Chomolungma in Tibet and Sagarmāthā in Nepal. The mountain got the world's fame after the biographical adventure film "Everest" in 2015. Routes to the Top There are two routes to the top of Everest - by Nepalese and Tibetan slopes. The way by the southern ridge was firstly climbed by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay...



As the highest peak in Georgia, the mountain of Kazbek attracts tourist from everywhere to climb 5033 meters above the sea level. We bet this climb is worth your efforts! You will be amazed by endless mountain ranges in the background staying on the top of the mountain. How To Get There? Open the map, and you will find the mountain of Kazbek in the northeast of Georgia. From the Georgian capital Tbilisi take a bus to Stepantsminda. It is only 10 kilometers away from the Russian border. A small town of Stepantsminda is the center of the Kazbegi Municipality where you can try real Georgian hospitality in guesthouses. So, don't lose your chance to taste delicious Caucasus dishes. Additionally,...



The two-headed mount of Elbrus beckons mountain climbers, snowboarders, and nature-lovers. With the altitude of 5642 meters, the western peak of the mountain deserved to the title of the highest point in Europe. However, the eastern peak is only 21 meters lower. Believe us; you won’t notice this difference on the way to the summit! Elbrus How to Get There Terskol is the nearest village to the Elbrus Mountain, which offers many tourist facilities - accommodation, traditional Kabardino-Balkarian food, rescue center, tourist shops, etc. In a free day, you can visit Vladimir Vysotsky Alpine Museum in Tegenek Village nearby Terskol. Is Elbrus Easy To Climb? Thanks to the gentle southern slope Elbrus, it includes one of the most popular trails...