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Koshtan Tau – Fourth highest peak on the European continent

Located in the Caucasus mountain range, Koshtan Tau (Коштан-тау, is one of the two ‘Brothers of Bezengi’, the other one being Dychtau or Dykh Tau which is the second largest mountain in Europe. Koshtan Tau marks the eastern end of the Northern Massif and is with an elevation of 5151m the fourth highest mountain in Europe. Its pyramid shape is an impressive view admired by mountaineers as well as photographers, while the NW face of the peak gives a good insight on how difficult mountaineering in the Caucasus can be. History The first ascent of Koshtan Tau was made in 1889 by H. Woolley, who climbed Mizirgi (5025m) as well that same year. What makes the ascent remarkable is that...