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Mont Blanc- the highest point in the Alps

There are so many superlatives to use when describing the Mont Blanc. The snow-covered dome of the Mont Blanc has always intrigued adventurers and its first ascent was followed shortly thereafter by the birth of the mountaineering sport. As a result, the villages of Chamonix and Courmayeur received a tourism boom still profit from itto this day. About the Mont Blanc Reaching 4810 meters of altitude, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and in Western Europe. Yes, we do say Western Europe since Mount Elbrus in the Kaukasus region in Russia is considered the highest peak in Europe—a fact questioned by the people of Chamonix as they consider the Elbrus to be in Asia. The Mont...


Aiguille du Midi – best view on Mont Blanc

Aiguille du Midi is a mountain peak in the Mont Blanc massif dominating the skyline from the village center of Chamonix, France. Reaching 3842 meters in altitude with accessibilty by cable car from the center of Chamonix, it is one of the closest places one can get to Mont Blanc without having to climb it. About Aiguille du Midi For more than 50 years, Aiguille du Midi has been the highlight of Chamonix. With an altitude of 3842 meters, Mont Blanc’s little brother offers a splendid view over the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Aiguille is French for “needle,” and when you see the peak you will understand why they call it thisname. Every year, about half a million people...


Barres des Ecrins

Facts About Barres des Ecrins. Barres des Ecrins is a mountain located in France. Standing at 4101m above sea level. This is the southernmost peak found in the High Dauphine Alps. Hikers climb this peak to get an external view of the Mont Blanc and other peaks as far as the Italian Alps. As the tallest peak found in the National Park. It is subject to certain rules like "No dogs in the park". How to get to the top of Barres des Ecrins? Drive from Pre de Madame Carle for about 4 hours at least to the Ecrins Refuge. From here, walk towards the left side across the Glacier Noir. Summit Post described this path as "across the avalanche...