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Alphubel – Overshadowed by Monte Rosa massif

Despite its height, the Alphubel is overshadowed by some of the highest peaks in Switzerland. The Dom and Monte Rosa range are all within close range and take the Alphubel out of the spotlight. However, this mountains is located in an idyllic setting between the Mattertal and the Saas valley. About the Alphubel The Alphubel is a 4206-meter high mountain peak in the Wallis region of the Swiss Alps. The peak itself is part of the Mischabel Group of which the Dom is the highest. Alphubel is surrounded bu the Täschhorn in the north and the Allalinhorn in the south. The mountain was first ascended on August 9, 1860 by W. Hinchcliff, L. Stephen and mountain guides, M. Anderegg and...



Facts About Lagginhorn. Lagginhorn is the peak at the farthest part of the northeast side of the Walliser Alps in Valais, Switzerland. Standing at 4010m above sea level. This might be the only reported peak climbed without crampons and crevasse-related danger. Quite a disparity from the climbing skills needed in reaching the peak of its adjacent mountain, the Fletschhorn. As part of the Mischabel Group, it is also slightly close to Dom by several miles. You can also view the Dufourspitze from the top. How to get to the peak of Lagginhorn? Take the train to Visp. Then take the bus to Saas Grund. You can choose between hiking to the Weissmies hut. Or you can take the cableway to...



Facts About Strahlhorn. Strahlhorn is one of the underrated peaks found at the Pennine Alps. It stands at 4190m above sea level. Some trekkers end up discovering other peaks from this mountain. Or it may have been discovered from a hiking trip in one of its adjacent peaks found at the Dom, the Alphubel or any other mountain found in the Mischabel Group in the Alps. Otherwise known as "The Strahlhorn". It occasionally caused confusion among new tourists as there is another mountain at the Bernese Alps of the same name. How to get to the peak of Strahlhorn? Starting from Saas Valley will be a little familiar to you by now. It is one of the starting points of...