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Dent Blanche - The border guard of the French and German languages

Located at the end of the Mattertal in the west of Zermatt, the Dent Blanche marks the border between French-speaking Switzerland and the German part of the country. Surrounded by several 4000-meter peaks, including Obergabelhorn and Zinalrothorn, it one of the most popular regions in the Swiss Alps for mountaineers and travelers looking for hikes. About the Dent Blanche The Dent Blanche is a 4357-meter high mountain peak, located in the Swiss Alps between the Zinaltal and Mattertal. The Dent Blanche marks the linguistic border of the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland. It used to have a German name as well, Steinbockhorn, because of the large number of ibex found near the mountain. It was first ascended on July...