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Climbing Cho Oyu – the ambition of every mountaineer

Cho Oyu There are only fourteen 8,000 meter peaks in the world. Climbing one of these giants is an ambitious goal often set by mountaineers. Cho Oyu, found on the Everest Massif at the China-Nepal border, is a name that more than often pops up in their mind. Why? Despite being the sixth highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8188 meter? Cho Oyu is regarded as the easiest of 8000 meter peaks. An expedition on Cho Oyu is the best introduction in Himalayan mountaineering. If this expedition is on your list, here are a few things you should know. History As is the case with Everest, a 8000 meter peak that is considered to be ‘easy accessible’...



Despite the comparatively low height of 4710 meters, Ushba is considered as one of the most challenging summits in the whole Caucasus. Those who climbed the top deserved a particular respect among professional climbers. Read further if you want to become one of them! Ushba summit How to Approach Ushba? Although Ushba is located at the Main Caucasian Range, the summit is accessible to climb only from the Georgian side nowadays. Approach the mountain from the Upper Svaneti region. Start your climb from the Mazeri Village, which is located just 18 km from Mestia. It's the nearest locality to the severe mountain. Two Ways to Climb Likewise Elbrus, Ushba has a double summit. Thanks to the spire-shaped top, this mountain...



As the highest peak in Georgia, the mountain of Kazbek attracts tourist from everywhere to climb 5033 meters above the sea level. We bet this climb is worth your efforts! You will be amazed by endless mountain ranges in the background staying on the top of the mountain. How To Get There? Open the map, and you will find the mountain of Kazbek in the northeast of Georgia. From the Georgian capital Tbilisi take a bus to Stepantsminda. It is only 10 kilometers away from the Russian border. A small town of Stepantsminda is the center of the Kazbegi Municipality where you can try real Georgian hospitality in guesthouses. So, don't lose your chance to taste delicious Caucasus dishes. Additionally,...