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Planning A Hiking Trip To the Ortler The Ortler, photo by John Mason The Ortler mountain, or ‘King Ortles’ as it’s known by mountaineers and folklorists, is one of the most impressive mountains in the eastern Alps. With its peak being 3905 m above sea level, it’s the highest mountain in the Italian province of Tyrol. The Ortler towers above the other mountains in the Ortler Range, and offers some of the most impressive views. So it’s definitely one you want to conquer. As any keen mountaineer will know though, with such an impressive mountain comes the opportunity not just for breath-taking views, but for extreme adventure. Whether that be killer hikes, summer climbing, or winter skiing, the Ortler is...


Piz Roseg

Facts About Piz Roseg. Piz Roseg is a mountain located at the Bernese Alps at Graubunden, Bernina, Switzerland. Standing at 3937m above sea level. Heavy ice balconies and hanging glaciers consist of the north face. It has 3 summits with the other two labeled to differentiate them from the 3937m-peak. The second peak is named Schnekuppe. The third peak is named Roseg Pitschen. The other high profile peak found in the same group is Lyskamm. How to reach the peak of Piz Roseg? Two landmarks guide hikers to the peak. One is the Tschierva hut. The other is the Schnekuppe itself. You can reach Tschierva hut first by driving from Milan, Zurich Airport or Geneva Airport. From north of the...


Piz Zupo

Facts About Piz Zupo. Piz Zupo is a mountain standing at 3996m above sea level at the Bernina Group. The word "Zupo" is based on the local term "Zuper". It is literally translated as "hidden". This is because you can hardly see the peak when climbing from the north side. You have to traverse the routes towards the peak to see it. And eventually, see the rest of the mountains from this summit. How to get to the peak of Piz Zupo? Getting to the peak? Get to Rifugio Marinelli in the province of Sondrio, Milan, Italy first. Rifugio Marinelli Bombardeli Al Bernina in particular. There is another Rifugio Marinelli in the Bernina Group's area. That one is far away...