Pic Sans Nom

Facts About Pic Sans Nom.

Pic Sans Nom is literally translated as "Nameless Peak". Standing at 3914m above sea level. This peak is included in the Pelvoux-Ailefroides Group within the Ecrins massif. The High Dauphine Alps in France also includes this summit. Compared to Barres des Ecrins, this peak is at the southeast part of the massif in the Alps. The usual route leads to the north face just above the Glacier Noir.

How to get to the peak of Pic Sans Nom?

The Glacier Noir is the main landmark used to get to several peaks in the Pelvoux-Ailefroides Group including Barres des Ecrins and Ailefroide. The closest stopover from the Glacier Noir is the Cezanne hut. Just follow the sequence of Durance Valley - Argentière - Vallouise - Ailefroide to reach the hut. From the Cezanne hut, go to the Glacier Noir by foot. Bring crampons and ice axe to climb the rock ledge in this glacier. Avoid the big gully found at the right side of the north face. Rocks fall from there. Be safe at all times. Use your tools to connect to the bolt found at the start of the part. Expect some time spent looking for that bolt. It will be worth it. You then get to the buttress in the center of the north face upwards. From here, you reach the head of the buttress and soon the peak itself.

What to expect at the Pic Sans Nom?

Don't risk walking farther from the spot where the bolt should be. Your guide will help you find it especially if he is familiar with hidden bolts in the Glacier Noir. There are bolts in the route itself. Don't go in unfamiliar spots especially in areas where rocks fall.