Mont Pelvoux

Facts About Mont Pelvoux.

Mont Pelvoux is a mountain mistaken as the highest peak found in the Ecrins massif. This is because if viewed from the Durance Valley, you don't see the Barres des Ecrins. Barres des Ecrins is found right behind Mont Pelvoux. Standing at 3946m above sea level. This is located at the High Dauphine Alps in Dauphine, France. One of the most complicated summits to reach in the French Alps.

How to get to the peak of Mont Pelvoux?

There are two huts often used as stopovers before reaching the one. One is the Pelvoux hut. And the other is the Sele hut. You may have read about the Sele hut at our article about Ailefroide. Similarities in path traversed exist. Just adjust depending on your choice of hut to stop for the night. Summit Post provided the particular latitude to follow at N 44° 52' 57'' E 006° 24' 20.

What to expect at Mont Pelvoux?

Due to its proximity to the Ailefroide, climbing this mountain after the other makes the stopovers useful. Pelvoux hut has a capacity of at least 58 persons. But make sure to contact the reservations desk to book a night or two. Contact them through their landline number at 04 92 23 39 47. The hut is only open between the 15th of June and the 8th of September.