Facts About Bietschhorn.

Bietschhorn is the prominent mountain found at the northern side of the Rhone Valley right at Lötschental. Standing at 3934m above sea level. Some hikers only recommend this mountain after earning enough experience in the Alps. Like doing the rounds of Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger respectively. The peaks mentioned are some of the closest found from here. They are also seen from the summit itself for the Alpine fans to enjoy.

How to get to the peak of Bietschhorn?

The best starting point is at Berne if you're coming from the north. Start at Brig though if you're coming from the south. Either way, hop on a train to Goppenstein. Take the bus to Blatten. From here, walk to the Bietschhorn hut. It takes about 3 and a half hours to walk. The paths have signs and markings to guide you. Stop over at the hut to prepare for the climb to the summit.

What to expect at the peak of Bietschhorn?

The other alternative to climbing your way to the peak is the Baltschiederklause. The walk from the train station at Ausserberg takes 7 hours though. The route to Bietschhornhutte is still viable. 2 alternatives to Blatten exist as described here. You can start from Wiler or from Ried.