Barres des Ecrins

Facts About Barres des Ecrins.

Barres des Ecrins is a mountain located in France. Standing at 4101m above sea level. This is the southernmost peak found in the High Dauphine Alps. Hikers climb this peak to get an external view of the Mont Blanc and other peaks as far as the Italian Alps. As the tallest peak found in the National Park. It is subject to certain rules like "No dogs in the park".

How to get to the top of Barres des Ecrins?

Drive from Pre de Madame Carle for about 4 hours at least to the Ecrins Refuge. From here, walk towards the left side across the Glacier Noir. Summit Post described this path as "across the avalanche debris from the seracs". You then walk towards the Bergschrund at the foot of the mountain. With the route going 50 to 60 degrees, rock climbing is inevitable towards the saddle. Cross this saddle to trek the main path atop the Ecrins. If the weather conditions are favorable, go up the east ridge. Otherwise, follow the path leading to the Dome de Neige. You reach the peak by the west ridge this way.

What to expect at the Barres des Ecrins?

Speaking of rock climbing, bring a pair of axes, some ice screws, crampons and a GoPro camer. Tuck the GoPro to your chest outside the parka or wind jacket. Book as early as possible in the Ecrins Refuge. The hut is open only between April 13 and May 19 and between June 1 and September 1.