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The mount of Makalu is the highlight of the Khumbu Region in the Himalayas. The altitude of 8485 meters makes Makalu attractive for experienced mountain climbers and photographers. Needless to say, the spiky peak always impressed locals from both sides - Nepalese and Tibetan. Etymology of the Name Interesting to know that the name of Makalu originates from Sanskrit. “Maha-Kala” means “Big Black,” and it’s named after Shiva. This important Hindu God is known four destroying everything old and unnecessary. So, consider your climb as spiritual cleansing. The History of Climbing For the first time ever the summit was climbed only in 1955. It happened because the fifth summit in the world is located just 19 km away from the...

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The two-headed mount of Elbrus beckons mountain climbers, snowboarders, and nature-lovers. With the altitude of 5642 meters, the western peak of the mountain deserved to the title of the highest point in Europe. However, the eastern peak is only 21 meters lower. Believe us; you won’t notice this difference on the way to the summit! Elbrus How to Get There Terskol is the nearest village to the Elbrus Mountain, which offers many tourist facilities - accommodation, traditional Kabardino-Balkarian food, rescue center, tourist shops, etc. In a free day, you can visit Vladimir Vysotsky Alpine Museum in Tegenek Village nearby Terskol. Is Elbrus Easy To Climb? Thanks to the gentle southern slope Elbrus, it includes one of the most popular trails...

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