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Piz Bernina

Facts About Piz Bernina. Piz Bernina is a mountain that stands at 4049m above sea level. Located at Engadin, Switzerland. This is one peak among the Bernina Group found at the easternmost side of the Alps. Piz in local Swiss dialect means massif. Ridges are seen from the peak as divided into 4 sides. It also separates 2 long glaciers namely Vadret Morteratsch and Vadret Roset. Despite its location, it is occasionally identified with other peaks in the Bernese Alps like Aletschhorn. How to get to the peak of Piz Bernina? You can walk the marked route starting at Rifugio Marinelli-Bombardieri. You will find the hut used as a stopover before the main climb by starting here. This is at...

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