Titlis – Great views and the highest suspension bridge

A holiday in the region of Mount Titlis is quite an experience. With an elevation of 3238 meters, it is located on the border of the cantons, Obwalden and Berne. The mountain has become famous forTitlis Rotair, the world’s first rotating cable car, which connects Engelberg and the summit of Klein Titlis. A few years ago, they added another exciting tourist attraction: the Titlis Cliff Walk, which is up to this day the highest suspension bridgein Europe.

About Titlis, Switzerland. More then a wintersport destination.

The Titlis reaches 3238 meters above sea level and is situated on the border of the Obwalden and Bern cantons, in central Switzerland. It is believed that the first successful ascent of the mountain took place in the year 1739 by Ignaz Hess, J.E. Waser and two local men. However, the first recorded summit climb was made in 1744. Because of the mountain’s elevation, it is above the snow line, resulting in permanent snow on the summit. It is even possible to ski down from the main summit to the Klein Titlis, hence it’s reputation as a wintersport destination. The mountain is particularly famous for its cable car, the Titlis Rotair, the world’s first rotating cable car that reaches Klein Titlis, half an hour below the actual summit. Reaching the summit is quite easy for anyone in decent shape. On top, one has views over notorious peaks such as the JungFrau, Mönch and Eiger, stretching all the way to Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn on clear days.

Accommodations around the Titlis

Famed as a wintersport destination, the Titlis region has all facilities to accommodate travelers in winter as well as summer. If you are looking for fine hotel, these are worth checking out: Ski Lodge Engelberg, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a beautiful holiday resort that is very popular with families. Visitors are greeted in Engelberg by picturesque panoramas and guaranteed snow. Pension St. Jakob, Impressive and with a wonderful panoramic view of the famous mountain scenery, we are in a prime location right on the small Eugenie Lake in Engelberg. With a restaurant, bar, garden terrace and plenty of free parking spaces, the Pension St. Jakob offers beautiful and individual rooms and is an ideal starting point for trips and highlights in summer and winter alike. After an eventful day, you will find restful sleep in the cozy rooms next to the Eugenie Lake. Hotel Garni Hostatt is located in a sunny location on the edge of the village Engelberg in a quiet and idyllic surroundings. Enjoy the fascinating mountain panorama and a cozy atmosphere in the family hotel in chalet style.


The Titlis is surrounded by the villages of Engelberg and Gadmen on the West. Engelberg probably is the best known as it is a winter resort with access to 82 kilometers of skiing slopes. However, in summer, it is all about hiking, mountaineering, climbing, biking and golf. As a monastery village, the character of this authentic place has lured tourists for decades. De Benedictin monastery, built in 1120, still has a great influence on village life. Monks still live and work here and the oldest buildings date back from the Belle Epoque. All of this makes a nice plus for Swiss charm. Their trademark “families welcome” has guaranteed them a place on the list of best family holidays in Switzerland. With an offer aiming at chiildren, it has lived up to its expectations as well. Gadmen, on the other hand, is much smaller with just a few hotels.

Trift Hut

Mountain Hut - Trift Hut Trift Hut, Photo by Ron Layters
The Trift Hut is a mountain refuge located near the Trift Glacier, at an altitude of 2520m. It takes about two hours to reach it from the valley, but taking the cable car is an option as well. From the hut it is a 1h30min walk to the Trift Bridge. Rooms are available from 25CHF (food not included). However, we recommend eating here as the meals are prepared with local products. A grappa is a perfect way of closing the evening.


Mountain Hut - BrunnihütThe Brunnihütte is situated along the Benediktusweg and Brunni trail. It takes a little over two hours to reach it from the village of Engelberg. If you are looking for a lunch stop during your hike, they serve the typical wintersport meals, such as rösti, bratwurst and schnitzels.


Mountain Hut - SpannorthütteThis hut is located at an altitude of 1956mabout 3 hours to reach from the valley. At the moment, the hut is being modernized, but it is expected to reopen in July of 2018.

Rugghubel hut

Mountain Hut - Rugghubel hutThis mountain refuge has had new owners since 2012. Chrigel Menon and Andrea Marti will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Not only do they serve delicious pies and meals, but it is possible to spend the night in one of the 20 beds. Whether you choose to sleep here or just have a quick meal, the Rugghubel hut is not to miss. The views from the hut at 2296 m are splendid.

Hiking in the Titlis region

Advertised as a place for family holidays, the region around Titlis has hikes for all abilities whether you are a die-hard hiker or looking for a fun walk with your children.

Trubsee trail

Trubsee trail Trubsee trail, Photo by SteveSloj
Starting in Engelberg, this 3-hour hike takes you to Untertrubsee and Trubsee via Stapfmattli. It has an elevation change of 800 meters and is one of the popular hikes in the region.

Titlis Marmot Trail

Despite the easy nature of this trail, it makes a long day’s hike to complete. The roundtrip to and from Trubsee to Jochpass and Schaftal takes about five hours. The trail starts near the Trubsee mountain station and follows a path along the lake. Most hikers take the chairlift up to Jochpass to reduce hiking time. No doubt about it, you will be stunned by the natural beauty of the mountain scenery surrounding Engstlensee lake. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a chamois, ibex or marmot.

The 4 Lakes Hike

The 4 lakes hike is a splendidroute from the mirror-like Trubsee to the deep-blue Engstlensee, the turqoise Tannensee and finally, the picturesque Melchsee. This four-hour hike will introduce you to some of the most beautiful places incentral Switzerland. The hike starts by taking the cable car to Trubsee and walking to the Jochpass chair lift. Once at the top, it takes you further to Engstelnalp and Tannalp. There is little elevation change on this route which takes 4 hours to complete.

Trubsee - Stand geology trail

How were the Alps formed? This and much more you will learn during your hike on the geology trail from Trubsee to Stand. Informative boards along the route give insight into how the titlis area has developed geologically over the centuries. This steep trail (600m+) provides some magnificent views of the intriguing glacier world.

Things to do in the Titlis region

Two items should be on your bucket list for sure: the Trift Bridge and the Titlis Cliff Walk. The Trift Bridge is a suspension bridge built after the Trift Glacier was heavily reduced due to global warming. Since this meant that the Trift Hut was no longer reachable over the glacier tongue, a suspension bridge was built in 2004. It turned out that the 100-meter high bridge became a tourist attraction and led to the construction of a safer bridge. At 100-metersabove the glacier lake, it is one of the highest pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. However, this record is easily broken by the nearby Titlis Cliff Walk, a suspension bridge in Engelbergregarded as the highest in Europe. Not less than 3000 meters above sea level, and a 500-meter drop, it is a challenge hikers face when crossing it. Those who can conquer their vertigoare rewarded with impressive views over the Alps. The bridge spans from Titlis’ south face to the cable car station of the Ice Flyer chairlift. Crossing the bridge is free, but tickets for the cable car costs 12 euro for a return ticket. The Titlis Rotair is another cable car well worth the ride. It is one of two rotating cable cars in the world and brings you up to a world of eternal snow on top of the Titlis mountain. Here you will find an ice grotto, the Titlis Cliff Walk and the Ice-Flyer cable car. In winter it is often used for accessing the ski pistes. The return ticket costs 92 euro.

Hiking with Kids near Titlis

Pretty much every trail along the Trubsee isdoable for children. If we had to choose one, the Trubsee Circular trail would be it. This trail offers a great hiking option for families with young children as it only takes about an hour to complete. Since you are able to take pushchairs on this route, it offers possibilties for young families for a leisurely stroll. Firepits along the way provide options for small picnics in the great outdoors. The trail leads you around Trubsee lake, one of the top tourist destinations around Mount Titlis. The lack of elevation change makes this an easy family walk. The Trubsee Alpine flower trail is another easy trail option. This 3-kilometer trail takes you along some of the most beautiful flower fields in the Alps, such as the Edelweiss.