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Facts About Strahlhorn. Strahlhorn is one of the underrated peaks found at the Pennine Alps. It stands at 4190m above sea level. Some trekkers end up discovering other peaks from this mountain. Or it may have been discovered from a hiking trip in one of its adjacent peaks found at the Dom, the Alphubel or any other mountain found in the Mischabel Group in the Alps. Otherwise known as "The Strahlhorn". It occasionally caused confusion among new tourists as there is another mountain at the Bernese Alps of the same name. How to get to the peak of Strahlhorn? Starting from Saas Valley will be a little familiar to you by now. It is one of the starting points of...

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Facts About Lyskamm Lyskamm is the eighth tallest mountain in the Alps. That list is still topped off by Mont Blanc. It better known for the 2 summits simply identified as East and West with a long, sharp edge keeping said summits apart. The Eastern peak stands at 4,527m above sea level while the Western peak is at 4,479m above sea level. Its former nickname "Menschenfresser" served as a warning (or challenge, depending on who you ask) to other trekkers as it is literally translated as "man-eater" in reference to how many climbers died from falling over the snow cornices found by the side. How to get to Lyskamm? With the cornices mentioned, traversing the path to Lyskamm is, at...

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