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Finsteraarhorn – Challenging climb with quite a view

Located close the the famous trio, Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch, the Finsteraarhorn is a great choice for views on some of the most iconic peaks in the Bernese Alps. But putting it in the shadow of these three mountains doesn’t do it any justice, as it is literaly the shadow hanging over these three peaks. About the Finsteraarhorn The Finsteraarhorn has an elevation of 4273 meters and is the highest mountain in the Bernese Oberland. The mountain probably was allegedly first ascended on August 16th, 1812 by Arnold Abbühl, Joseph Bortis and Alois Volker, although this has not been proven. The first recorded ascent was made by Jakob Leuthold and Johann Wahren in 1828. The normal route leads via Finsteraarhorn...

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Gross Fiescherhorn

Facts About Gross Fiescherhorn. Gross Fiescherhorn is a peak found in the Bernese Alps standing at 4049m above sea level. Located at Berne in Valais, Switzerland. It is surround by glaciers names Ewischneefeld, Walliser Fischerfirn and Obers Ischmeer. Some hikers discovered this peak after reaching the summit of the Finsteraarhorn. Others have heard of it from fellow hikers staying at the Finsteraarhorn hut for the stopover. How to get to the peak of Gross Fiescherhorn? You can drive starting from Jungfraujoch. Other hikers are familiar with this spot when they took the train to the Jungfrau route. If driving, take the route from Sphinxstollen to Jungfraufirn. Get to the driving sequence of Konkordiaplatz-Grunefirn-Grunhornlucke. Go downwards to the Fiescher glacier. Cross...

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