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Top 10 Recipes For Your Nutritious Hiking Breakfast

Going on a hiking trip doesn’t mean you can only eat instant noodles, canned, or semi-cooked food – unless you like that stuff, of course. If you’re not okay with that, then great news – you can still enjoy your favorite dishes and more on a hike. How? With these 10 recipes for a nutritious hiking breakfast. Live coals, grills, portable stoves, and even paper bags. The following are ten delicious, but simple recipes, for a nutritious breakfast outdoors. They should give you an idea of how to prepare your own dishes for outdoor living and even expand your cooking repertoire. You’re truly only limited by your imagination. 1. Pancakes with Spring Water Almost everyone loves pancakes. If you’re not...

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How to Pee and Poop in the Mountains?

The relevance of the “natural toilets” issue is growing together with the number of hikers and alpinists in the mountains. In recent years it turned into a real problem solving which solution is vital for major climbing routes worldwide. According to numerous queries in search engines, the increasing number of mountaineers are seeking for the science of a simple action - how to pee and poop in the mountains. The Toilet Culture The culture of going to the toilet depends on the nationality. In many countries, it is considered indecent to discuss the topic how pee and poop, even so, everyone outdoor enthusiast should know that. In childhood, we learn how to pee and poop from our parents before pronouncing...

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30 Must-Have Things For Comfortable Hiking Packing List

Many experienced hikers tend to pack their backpacks from memory, but it may not work in some cases. Even if you are a seasoned adventurer, it may not be easy for you to remember everything that you may need while you are hundreds of miles away from your house. You need to make sure you have a Hiking Packing List all the important things are in your backpack before you leave your house. This will save you a lot of hassle while you are out there. Make sure you have an elaborate packing list for your next hiking trip. Packing Stuff Packing for hiking and business trips has a prominent feature or requirement: you need to carry the backpack with...

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