Shkhara is a key summit in the Caucasus for the most experienced mountaineers. With the elevation of 5193 meters, the peak of Shkhara is the highest point of the Main Caucasian Range. If you are considering the epic climb, you must be one of the bravest persons on the planet! the view of Shkhara

How to Get There?

Unlike Ushba, which is also a part of the Main Caucasus Range, you can reach the main summit from both sides - Russian and Georgian. It means your start point depends on your route.

Routes to the Top

Since the summit is a pretty famous peak for mountain climbers, there are 9 climbing routes to the main top. According to the Climbing Classification System, the complexity of the pathways varies from 5A to 6A. It means Shkhara shouldn’t be the first summit in your life.
  1. Routes from the North

Climbing Shkhara from the Russian part, you will start from the Bezengi Region. Every summer hundreds of climbers of any level of experience come to the Bezengi Wall for practicing their skills. Keep in mind; the most popular and relatively easy trails start from there. the view of Shkhara

2. Routes from the South

The most famous way to climb the summit from the South initially was laid by the legendary Georgian climber Mikhail Khergiani. The Georgian route by the Shkhara Glacier is more challenging, and more cultural as well. On the way to the mountain, you can visit the Khergiani Museum in Mestia and the UNESCO Heritage Village of Ushguli. A documentary movie “Salt for Svanetia” was filmed there. Climbing Shkhara from both sides will bring you incredibly different experience. Do the climb of your dream!