Piz Zupo

Facts About Piz Zupo.

Piz Zupo is a mountain standing at 3996m above sea level at the Bernina Group. The word "Zupo" is based on the local term "Zuper". It is literally translated as "hidden". This is because you can hardly see the peak when climbing from the north side. You have to traverse the routes towards the peak to see it. And eventually, see the rest of the mountains from this summit.

How to get to the peak of Piz Zupo?

Getting to the peak? Get to Rifugio Marinelli in the province of Sondrio, Milan, Italy first. Rifugio Marinelli Bombardeli Al Bernina in particular. There is another Rifugio Marinelli in the Bernina Group's area. That one is far away from the peak. If you get to the right refuge, you reach the peak in at least 7 minutes by foot. Ride a bus or drive by Valmalenco to this refuge for starters.

What to expect at Piz Zupo?

Expect to spend more time on the bus ride or in the car than on foot. Encountering a travel agent that suggests a starting point at the Marco Rosa refuge might be suggesting a 2-in-1 expedition. This hut is the alternative to Rifugio Marinelli Bombardeli Al Bernina. But most hikers stay here on their way to the peak of Piz Bernina.