Piz Roseg

Facts About Piz Roseg.

Piz Roseg is a mountain located at the Bernese Alps at Graubunden, Bernina, Switzerland. Standing at 3937m above sea level. Heavy ice balconies and hanging glaciers consist of the north face. It has 3 summits with the other two labeled to differentiate them from the 3937m-peak. The second peak is named Schnekuppe. The third peak is named Roseg Pitschen. The other high profile peak found in the same group is Lyskamm.

How to reach the peak of Piz Roseg?

Two landmarks guide hikers to the peak. One is the Tschierva hut. The other is the Schnekuppe itself. You can reach Tschierva hut first by driving from Milan, Zurich Airport or Geneva Airport. From north of the hut, walk to the saddle south of Piz Aguagliouls. This saddle is called Fuorcia dals Aguagliouls. Walk for an hour more to the south side to reach the main junction. This spot gives you 3 options to reach the peak including Schnekuppe. Climb the route to Schnekuppe with the help of crampons. Traverse the path from the saddle to your left to reach the main peak.

What to expect at Piz Roseg?

Walking from the hut to the main peak takes at least 6 hours. This includes crampon use. Starting north of the Tschierva hut means an extra hour spent walking from the hut to the peak. Make a reservation at the hut. The hut's reception desk will brief you about other necessities in the trek itself. Contact the reservations desk by clicking here.