Located only 3 kilometers away from the great Everest, Lhotse appears on most photos together with the roof of the Earth. Although Lhotse will never outperform the legendary neighbor, still it is one of the highest (8516 meters) and most adorable peaks for professional climbers.
The summit of Lhotse The Everest Massif

How to Get There?

Located on the Everest Massif, Lhotse is divided between Nepal and China. Climbing the peak from the Nepalese part, you will move through the Sagarmatha National Park. On the other hand, the Tibetan (Chinese) part attracts tourists with the unique culture.

Routes to the Top

Needless to say, the summit of Lhotse is extremely dangerous even for the most trained and experienced mountain climbers. No wonder it has the least number of routes among eight-thousanders. Open the map, and you will find only three ways to the main peak. Climbing the South Face is one the riskiest ventures ever. A number of the most experienced mountain climbers in the world failed to climb this route, and some of them even died. Thus, you can overlook the majesty of Lhotse from the Everest Base Camp or the Tibetan trails. Be inspired, and don’t forget to take a selfie with two the most magnificent peaks in the world!