Facts About Lagginhorn.

Lagginhorn is the peak at the farthest part of the northeast side of the Walliser Alps in Valais, Switzerland. Standing at 4010m above sea level. This might be the only reported peak climbed without crampons and crevasse-related danger. Quite a disparity from the climbing skills needed in reaching the peak of its adjacent mountain, the Fletschhorn. As part of the Mischabel Group, it is also slightly close to Dom by several miles. You can also view the Dufourspitze from the top.

How to get to the peak of Lagginhorn?

Take the train to Visp. Then take the bus to Saas Grund. You can choose between hiking to the Weissmies hut. Or you can take the cableway to Hohsaas. Walk from here to reach the Weissmies hut. Prepare for your trek to the peak from here.

What to expect at Lagginhorn?

You can enjoy local culinary delights at the Weissmies hut. But some hikers make 2 stop overs. First at the Kreuzboden rail station. There is a restaurant there serving local fare. And the second is the Weissmies hut itself. The path is steep but not slippery. It made the climb almost easy. This is also one peak to reach easily in case you made it to the Fletschhorn first. Weissmieshutte is the common denominator regarding stopovers. And being in the same "compound" as the Mischabel group made it accessible for Fletschhorn climbers.