La Ruinette

Facts About La Ruinette.

La Ruinette stood at 3875m above sea level. This is the top summit between Dent d'Herens in the east and Grand Combin in the west. You can find this in the Swiss Alps right at Valais, Switzerland. Mauvoisin Dam is useful as a landmark at the west side. Wal des Dix will guide you on the east side. Those landmarks will be useful knowing the disparity in heights of the three summits in this side of the Mont Blanc.

How to get to the peak of La Ruinette?

By car, Val d'Hérémence is the recommended starting point. Start driving from here. Expect tolls along the way. Enter Tsaumetta and drive 5.1 km on this road. Drive then into A9 Route 21. The sequence goes as Route d'Hérens, A9 Route 21 and Route de la Valle to Route de Mauvoisin in Bagnes by 73.8 km. Driving time takes about an hour and 10 minutes. To say the least. Enter Route de Mauvoisin. Keep driving by 7.9km at most. You will see the Chanrion hut along the way. Stop over at this hut before taking the uphill stroll to the peak.

What to expect at La Ruinette?

Call Chanrion hut's reservations desk for more specifications, if any. Call them at 027 779 12 09. This hut is usually open between April and May and between July and late September. These are the months when it is best to book at the hut. Inform them about which peak in particular to climb. Other hikers stay the night here before taking the early morning walk.