La Grivola

Facts About La Grivola.

La Grivola is the "almost perfect" white pyramid at the Italian Alps. Standing at 3969m above sea level. This peak is found at Valle d'Aosta (Aosta Valley), Italy. This is one of the most prominent views seen from the peak of Gran Paradiso. It stood out in the middle of two valleys, Vallon di Cogne and Val Savarenche. It got its name from its impeccable beauty. La Grivola is literally translated as "young lady" in the local dialect.

How to get to the peak of La Grivola?

If driving from the Milan Airport, enter SP14 via Piotello. Enter A4/E64 in Valle d'Aosta. Exit at Aosta Ovest (West Aosta) via E25. Drive towards Cogne via SR47. You will reach the Vittorio Sella Refuge as stopover before the trek. With Cogne as starting point, climb to Val Lauson. Get to the junction upon reaching 2844m above sea level. Turn right to reach Col de la Rousse. Keep climbing westward to find the Col de la Noire. Walk further from Col de la Noire. Walk past the Trajoz glacier just by the bottom of the southeast flank. Tread in the middle of this wall. Halfway through this wall, turn right upwards. Turn right again to set foot on the northeast ridge. Finally, set foot on the white pyramid's peak.

What to expect at La Grivola?

Vittorio Sella Refuge is one of the few stopovers before the path towards the peak. The rest of the stopovers are bivouacs. Not recommended to climb in bad weather. The southwest wall has a fragile rock, making it unsafe at certain times. For any reservations, contact them at their landline number +39 0165 74310 or their Skype username: rifugiosella.