Kanchenjunga attracts adventure-seekers with its snow-white shapes and the title of the third highest summit in the world after Everest and K2. The mountain consists of 5 peaks and the most upper Kanchenjunga Main reaches 8586 meters above the sea level.
Kanchenjunga top The summit of Kanchenjunga
Interesting to know that before 1852 the mountain was considered the first in the world by the altitude. It means, adventure-seekers have always dreamed of this about this summit. Keep reading if you are one of them.

How to Get There?

The top of the mountain lies on the border between Nepal and India (Sikkim State). However, you will notice the snow-white peak from afar. The massive area of Kanchenjunga belongs to 14 protected areas in 4 countries, such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, and China.

Routes to the Top

Among the four ways to the very top, only three from the Nepalese side are available nowadays. Unfortunately for mountain climbers, the Indian government banned the fourth northeastern route to the top in 2000. It happened at the request of local Buddhists who treat Kanchenjunga as a sacred place on the Earth. If you dare to climb the very top, don’t overestimate your strength and stamina. The mountain accepts only the bravest climbers in the world!