Dufourspitze 4634m

Dufourspitze is the highest mountain peak (4634m) in the Pennine Alps of Switzerland. The summit of this mountain lies in the massif of Monte Rosa which has about ten summits that are over 4,000 meters. However, there is some discussion about that, depending how you count them. Of them all, Dufourspitze is the highest peak.


The summit peaks stretch to form a giant arc that proceeds from the southern region of France while passing through Switzerland and then proceeding to Austria. Here the peaks pass through the Dolomites in the northeastern region of Italy as well as the Julian Alps of Slovenia.

The highest summit of all the 76 is of course the Mont Blanc lying between the French and Italian border with a height of 4807M. On the Monte Rosa, the Dufourspitze is the highest summit with an altitude of 4634M although in the Alps generally, it is ranked as the second highest.

Places to stay

The Dufourspitze is located near the village of Zermatt in Switzerland. Zermatt has a wide variety of places that you can stay during your tour. This ranges from hotel suits, campsites, mountain huts, chalets, youth hostels as well as the bed and breakfast hotels. All these places offer the best accommodation services to suit your budget plans.

  1. Hotels in Zermatt

Zermatt offers some of the best awe-inspiring sceneries. For that reason, a one day trip is never enough to the Zermatt. Some of the best hotels where you can unpack your bags include;

  1. Hotel Bellerive

This is a chic as well as a very charming hotel located in the central region of Zermatt. It is right next to the cable cars and its offers exemplary décor, opulent furnishings as well as modern furnished and accessorised rooms.

The room brings in that feeling of a luxury considering that they offer a private bathtub and the Mountain View. This is just the place to be if you also love the Bar lounges that come with complementary fire sitting places. The hotel also offers the spa and sauna baths after your long hiking days.

  1. Hotel Firefly

This Firefly hotel is located at the foot of Matterhorn. It has 15 suites which are all themed out by diverse elements. It features the modern alpine feel, heavy on leather décor as well as open fires. All the suites in this hotel have amazing views and complementary kitchens.

  1. Hotel Welschen

This is a charming hotel that comes with that rustic and chalet style. From this hotel, you have easy and fast access to the centre of the town within a short period. More to that, you can also access the Sunnegga lift. Here 16 rooms available go for up to $120 per night. This guarantees you a good stay during your trip to the Dufourspitze Mountain Peak.

Mountain Huts

The huts are a favourite among most of the tourists who come to this region. There are a few huts that you may consider for a better touring experience

Monte Rosa Hut

This hut is a modern looking one, and it is one of the most famous accommodations as mountain cabin go in the region. Most of the mountaineers who set out on hikes to the Dufourspitze using the normal route prefer to unpack here. The cabin comes in an innovative style that integrates thermal solar collectors and solar panels to accumulate enough energy.

This makes the hut sustainable, hence its popularity among most of the hikers. With the glaciated terrain in this region, you may need a guide advisory to reach the cabin safely.

Margherita Hut

This is the highest mountain hut in the Alps region. To get to this hut, you must have exclusive mountaineering skills. This Margherita hut is located at an altitude of 4554 meters. It stands entirely on Italian ground. The only access is always on foot with a two-day straight climbing.

Gnifetti Hut

The hut is found on the Italian region of Monte Rosa. It sits at an altitude of 3647 meters. The hut is an excellent choice for those climbers who are looking forward to exploring a number of peaks at Monte Rosa mastiff. Inclusive is the Dufourspitze Mountain Peak through the Italian route. As long as the hikers have steady feet, the can manage the Rifugio since there are no glaciers on the way.


When picking out the location to unpack your bags, it needs some hard thinking. The town is very spread out, and there is a whole lot of options that you could consider. Some lovely chalets can be suitable for you too in this location. Some of the best in the region include;


This Chalet comes in a modern Swiss style which is themed out in deer designs. From the hotel, you can access the Sunnega tunnel elevators easily. The rooms here are spacious and offer at least 5 to 6 chalets which are complemented with sauna baths, steam rooms as well as outdoor hot bathtubs.

Youth hotel

During such vacations, you may be accompanied by your better half. With such a person as part of your trip, you may need a place that offers ultimate privacy and comfort. Below are two places that you would like to consider;

The Unique Hotel Post

This is a high-end hotel that has the sleek modern feeling. The hotel has 29 rooms that are located in the central region of Zermatt. This comfortable and outstanding hotel has open fires, spa as well as luxurious bathrooms.

Hotel Juen

This is an influential family run hotel that has a wide variety of personalities. It has 32 large rooms and suites that have all the romantic details that you would be looking for when out there on your vacation. The interior décor features plenty of wood, antlers and sheepskins. The restaurant and bar, swimming pool and gym is a bonus to you.

Hiking routes with views of the Dufourspitze

3600 Loop Gornergrat

The Gornergrat is among the top excursions in Switzerland with some good reasons. The course is circular. The sight of this hiking routes lets you feel the magic of Gornegrat. Not to mention the breath-taking scenery that will warm your heart out. The Loop Gornergrat is indeed a memorable place.

Before you enter the Monte Rosa, the glacier which happens to be the second highest in the Alps, Dufourspitze and another panorama with over 20 mountains are quite close to each other. Their closeness will allow you to have one of the best hiking views of all time. With a bit of luck, you may get the chance to see some of the wild ibex found in the area.


If you are in search of some swimming activities, this might be the best route for you. The 5-Seenweg (Five Lakes Walk) is one of the best views in the Zermatt region. It has a fantastic panorama of the lakes which I must admit are superb and has a variety in its trail.

When you are planning one of those hiking trips with your kids, and they love swimming, this can be the route for you. The Leisee has outstanding calm water that is perfect for swimming, especially for kids. The Grunsee lake looks more rugged landscape compared to the Leisee. The shores of the Grindjisee is home to some of the rare flowers. More to that, each of these lakes is home to a beautiful view of the Mountain Peak. You will never lack an experience to remember the mountain peak.


This steep trail will give you an eye-catching view of both sides of the Alpine panorama. If you are in love with mountaineering and trekking, you will feel at home with this route. This route has a steep descent hence you will end up with a challenging climbing experience.

This route offers a thrilling hike experience that will never disappoint. From the top of this route, you will be able to see some of the best views of the dramatic peaks. Take your climbing gear and start booking your way to Abenteuerweg.


Every tourist will have a different way to enjoy their stay at the Zermatt peaks. Some prefer mountain climbing while others just a simple walk around will do the trick. The cyclers also will never lack an opportunity to experiment their mountain biking skills. That is why this route might serve them right.

The downhill road from the Blauherd station to the Zermatt offers an incredible cycling venue that will surely warm the heart of any bike lover. More to that, the lake view is quite spectacular hence you are sure of a serene feeling while you are enjoying your hobby.

The Sunnega is also another attraction site that will capture your attention.

Activities you can engage in while taking a tour of the Dufourspitze

Well, the region has lots of events so you will never lack something to do. All in all, I will break down a few fun stuff that is a must do if you want to make your stay memorable.

Let’s start with the basics. You’ve naturally fallen in love with mountain peaks, so start with a sightseeing expedition of the mountain peak. You can choose to take a helicopter which needs a bigger budget. However, there are also other options you can choose.

From the above-touring routes, you can pick one and get the right guide to take you through a mountain climbing experience. You can also do rock climbing which requires expertise and at least prior experience in the field.

One of my most preferred activity is merely trekking to some of the best viewpoints, for instance, the 360 degrees loop has a fantastic view of the area. A walk around will always give you a calmer feeling and is quite pocket-friendly.

The activities present in this area do not end there. You can also opt for snowshoeing. You can decide to take your skiing skills for a test run in the forest. The course is rated medium difficulty which will require at least some moves from you. The best part is that, if there is a bit of snow, the forest will give you a fantastic view that you will fall in love with instantly.

If you are lucky enough, you will get the chance to see a deer or squirrel which are some of the wildlife found in this area. You can also go for a bird watching experience through this forest. The forest is covered with a vegetation cover that larch branches at the beginning of winter.

Some tourists prefer snowboarding which will work well with the steep slopes of this mountain. You will have to find something that works best for you.

More to that, bike lovers will always have an opportunity to experiment the toughness of the mountains. Mountain cycling is quite the eye catcher, and most hotels offer rental bikes to their customers.

You can also opt for paragliding if you are into extreme sports. Paragliding kits are offered at a considerable amount by most travel agencies around the areas or different hotels. You will have to book earlier.

The best part is that the mountains offer the perfect setting for family holiday camping experiences. There is more than enough space hence you won't have to struggle with other tourists to get the right camping spot.

Only pack your gear, and you are good to go. You will, however, need someone to guide you on some of the best places to set up camp and enjoy a beautiful picnic with your family.

Dufourspitze summit offers some of the best spots for bungee jumping and kayaking activities. If you have kids, you can choose to take them to some of the amusement parks, so they get the chance to mingle with the natives.

With all the above tasks for you to consider, I’m sure you will have to stay longer than you imagined. Make a simple list so that you don’t end up forgetting any activity. There is also a Hospital close by so you won’t have to worry about getting sick.


The area is full of different animals, for instance, the squirrels, deer and wild ibex. You will have to be lucky just to get a glimpse of the wildlife in this area.