Dhaulagiri I

With the altitude of 8167 meters Dhaulagiri I deserved the title of the highest mountain wholly located in Nepal. The snowy beauty attracts the eyes of every nature-lovers however only the most fearless mountaineers have a chance to approach the very top. Let’s get-to-know how to approach the Himalayan wonder.
Dhaulagiri Top Head of Dhaulagiri I

Etymology of the Name

The name of Dhaulagiri comes from Sanskrit, and means “the white mountain.” It's small wonder since thousands of tourists hiking along the sacred Kali Gandaki River are amazed by the stunning snow-white peak from afar.

How to Get There

Located in Central Nepal, the mountain is easy to reach from Pokhara, which is a must-visit tourist destination. The Dhaulagiri Himal Massif attracts mountain climbers by the variety of the peaks. Although it consists of 11 summits, each of which exceeds 7000 meters. Evidently, Dhaulagiri I is the centerpiece of the massif, as it’s the only eight-thousander there.

Routes to the Top

Dhaulagiri I is famous for its inaccessibility and high risk of avalanches. Just imagine that the peak was first climbed only in 1960 after seven unsuccessful attempts. Only the most experienced climbers can approach the top, and even they must be cautious because of the steep walls covered by tricky ice. The nine climbing routes to the very top of Dhaulagiri I have been successfully passed for today. Nevertheless, five more ways are still waiting for the pioneers. If you ever have a chance to take a photo with the magnificent mountain, don’t lose it!