Wildspitze, the Giant in Tirol

The Wildspitze is the second highest mountain in Austria and the highest in Tirol. With more than 100 different ski villages, the Wildspitze is a well-known setting for many wintersport [...]

The Seven Easiest 4000m peaks in the Alps

Seven easiest 4000m peaks in the Alps Are you looking for a climbing challenge, but lack the experience to tackle the Everest? No worries, there are several mountain peaks in the Alps that will [...]

Kilimanjaro – The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro Climbing Mount At 5895m high, Mount Kilimanjaro exudes intimidating presence as the highest mountain in Africa. Hence, its unbeatable name-the Roof of Africa. As [...]


The Wildstrubel 3,244 meters (10,643 ft.) is a mountain of the Alps, straddling the border between the Swiss cantons of Bern and Valais. It forms a sizeable glaciated massif, about 15 km wide, [...]

Dufourspitze 4634m

Dufourspitze is the highest mountain peak (4634m) in the Pennine Alps of Switzerland. The summit of this mountain lies in the massif of Monte Rosa which has about ten summits that are over 4,000 [...]

Grande Jorasses

The Grandes Jorasses are located in the Mont Blanc massif between the Haute Savoie in France and the Aosta Valley in Italy. The mountain group is only slightly lower than its well-known neighbor, [...]

Easy 4000m peaks

7 Easy 3000m+ and 4000m+ peaks to Climb There are many experiences in this in this world, but few can compare to that of reaching the summit of a mountain. The feeling is indescribable, the view [...]

Jungfrau – the top of Europe

The Jungfrau region is one of the best mountaineous landscapes you can find. With famous neighbors such as the Mönch and the Eiger, this trio of mountian peaks offers the perfect setting for your [...]


Planning A Hiking Trip To the Ortler The Ortler mountain, or ‘King Ortles’ as it’s known by mountaineers and folklorists, is one of the most impressive mountains in the eastern Alps. With its [...]

How to Pee and Poop in the Mountains?

The relevance of the “natural toilets” issue is growing together with the number of hikers and alpinists in the mountains. In recent years it turned into a real problem solving which solution is [...]

Grande Casse

Facts About Grande Casse Grande Casse is a mountain found at the Vanoise range in Savoie, France. Standing at 3855m above sea level. This is the range’s highest point. The peak is [...]

Aiguille de Triolet

Facts About Aiguille de Triolet. Aiguille de Triolet stands at 3870m above sea level at the Mont Blanc massif. This stood between the boundary of Aosta Valley in Italy and Haute Savoie in France. [...]

La Ruinette

Facts About La Ruinette. La Ruinette stood at 3875m above sea level. This is the top summit between Dent d’Herens in the east and Grand Combin in the west. You can find this in the Swiss [...]

Grosses Wannenhorn

Facts About Grosses Wannenhorn. Grosses Wannenhorn is a mountain found at the Swiss canton close to the village of Fiesch. Standing at 3906m above sea level. This is the mountain found in the [...]

Pic Sans Nom

Facts About Pic Sans Nom. Pic Sans Nom is literally translated as “Nameless Peak”. Standing at 3914m above sea level. This peak is included in the Pelvoux-Ailefroides Group within the [...]

Aiguilles de Trélatéte

Facts About Aiguilles de Trélatéte. Aiguilles de Trélatéte is a mountain right between the boundary of the Italian Alps and the French Alps. Standing at 3920m above sea level. Its Italian address [...]


Facts About Trugberg. Trugberg stands at the Bernese Oberland area at 3933m above sea level. It got its name from a mistake that a glacier researcher, Agazziz, committed. He mistook this mountain [...]


Facts About Bietschhorn. Bietschhorn is the prominent mountain found at the northern side of the Rhone Valley right at Lötschental. Standing at 3934m above sea level. Some hikers only recommend [...]

Piz Roseg

Facts About Piz Roseg. Piz Roseg is a mountain located at the Bernese Alps at Graubunden, Bernina, Switzerland. Standing at 3937m above sea level. Heavy ice balconies and hanging glaciers consist [...]

Mont Pelvoux

Facts About Mont Pelvoux. Mont Pelvoux is a mountain mistaken as the highest peak found in the Ecrins massif. This is because if viewed from the Durance Valley, you don’t see the Barres des [...]


Facts About Ailefroide. Ailefroide is a mountain found at the Ecrins massif, High Dauphine Alps, France. Standing at 3954m above sea level. This is the third peak in the same massif where La [...]

Grand Cornier

Facts About Grand Cornier. Grand Cornier is a mountain located at Valais in Switzerland. This is found at the edge of 3 valleys. These are Zinal, Moiry and Herence. Standing at 3962m above sea [...]

La Grivola

Facts About La Grivola. La Grivola is the “almost perfect” white pyramid at the Italian Alps. Standing at 3969m above sea level. This peak is found at Valle d’Aosta (Aosta [...]


The Eiger, the ogre of the Alps The Eiger, a sharp, knife-like peak of the Bernese Alps is guaranteed to take your breath away, whether you’re an experienced mountaineer ready to commit to the [...]

La Meije

Facts About La Meije La Meije is a mountain located at the High Dauphine Alps at La Grave, France. Same group as that of Barres des Ecrins along the Ecrins massif. Standing at 3983m above sea [...]

Piz Zupo

Facts About Piz Zupo. Piz Zupo is a mountain standing at 3996m above sea level at the Bernina Group. The word “Zupo” is based on the local term “Zuper”. It is literally [...]


Facts About Lagginhorn. Lagginhorn is the peak at the farthest part of the northeast side of the Walliser Alps in Valais, Switzerland. Standing at 4010m above sea level. This might be the only [...]

Gross Gruenhorn

Facts About Gross Gruenhorn. Gross Gruenhorn is a mountain originally spelled as “Gross Grünhorn”. Standing at 4044m above sea level. It is practically the heart of the Bernese Alps [...]

Gross Fiescherhorn

Facts About Gross Fiescherhorn. Gross Fiescherhorn is a peak found in the Bernese Alps standing at 4049m above sea level. Located at Berne in Valais, Switzerland. It is surround by glaciers names [...]

Piz Bernina

Facts About Piz Bernina. Piz Bernina is a mountain that stands at 4049m above sea level. Located at Engadin, Switzerland. This is one peak among the Bernina Group found at the easternmost side of [...]

Barres des Ecrins

Facts About Barres des Ecrins. Barres des Ecrins is a mountain located in France. Standing at 4101m above sea level. This is the southernmost peak found in the High Dauphine Alps. Hikers climb [...]

Aiguille Verte

Facts About Aiguille Verte. Aiguille Verte is found in the same city as the Mont Blanc massif right in Haute Savoie, France. This mountain stands at 4122m above sea level. Tourists come here as [...]


Facts About Strahlhorn. Strahlhorn is one of the underrated peaks found at the Pennine Alps. It stands at 4190m above sea level. Some trekkers end up discovering other peaks from this mountain. [...]


Surrounded by four holy rivers – Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, and Karnali – the mount of Kailash is considered a sacred destination in three major religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, [...]

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is one of three the most dangerous eight-thousanders in the world. The altitude of 8126 meters makes the summit the second highest mountain in Pakistan and the ninth highest in the world.

Annapurna I

Imagine for a moment: every third mountaineer didn’t return from Annapurna I. However, in 1950 it became the first eight-thousander on the planet ever climbed by people. Let’s figure out what is [...]


“The Mountain of Spirits.” That’s how the name of Manaslu is translated from Sanskrit. No wonder it beckons all spiritual seekers. Who knows, maybe the sacred teaching and enlightening is waiting [...]

Dhaulagiri I

With the altitude of 8167 meters Dhaulagiri I deserved the title of the highest mountain wholly located in Nepal. The snowy beauty attracts the eyes of every nature-lovers however only the most [...]


The mount of Makalu is the highlight of the Khumbu Region in the Himalayas. The altitude of 8485 meters makes Makalu attractive for experienced mountain climbers and photographers. Needless to [...]


Facts About Lyskamm Lyskamm is the eighth tallest mountain in the Alps. That list is still topped off by Mont Blanc. It better known for the 2 summits simply identified as East and West with a [...]


Located only 3 kilometers away from the great Everest, Lhotse appears on most photos together with the roof of the Earth. Although Lhotse will never outperform the legendary neighbor, still it is [...]


Kanchenjunga attracts adventure-seekers with its snow-white shapes and the title of the third highest summit in the world after Everest and K2. The mountain consists of 5 peaks and the most upper [...]


Everybody mountain lover secretly wishes to climb the roof of the Earth. Thanks to the height of 8848 meters Everest is the most known summit worldwide, and one of the most popular to climb.


Shkhara is a key summit in the Caucasus for the most experienced mountaineers. With the elevation of 5193 meters, the peak of Shkhara is the highest point of the Main Caucasian Range. If you are [...]


The mountain of Ararat became increasingly popular thanks to the legend of the Noah’s Ark. It seems there must be thousands of tourists and pilgrims all the year round in the Armenian Highlands. [...]


Despite the comparatively low height of 4710 meters, Ushba is considered as one of the most challenging summits in the whole Caucasus. Those who climbed the top deserved a particular respect [...]


As the highest peak in Georgia, the mountain of Kazbek attracts tourist from everywhere to climb 5033 meters above the sea level. We bet this climb is worth your efforts! You will be amazed by [...]


The two-headed mount of Elbrus beckons mountain climbers, snowboarders, and nature-lovers. With the altitude of 5642 meters, the western peak of the mountain deserved to the title of the highest [...]

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